Why Bobe

Bobe’s most valuable standards.


Data Security & Neutrality
Bobe is a Swiss corporation, and all our data servers are located in Switzerland. Consequently, all data is protected by the strict Swiss privacy laws.

Data Control
Bobe.appz exchange data exclusively among each other. No application communicates outside our digital ecosystem. The intertwining of the apps allows a closed system.

Bobe prevents unauthorised use or disclosure of data by ensuring that only authorised users can access them.

PROTECTION OF FUNDS (against unlawful intentions)

Bobe ensures proper spending of stimulus funds to achieve the most significant impact while also facilitating that funding bodies keep control over the flow of money the entire time to safeguard the funds against embezzlement and misuse.

Prevent Funding Fraud
Bobe evades the risk for funding bodies that business entities obtain and misuse funding for investments by false pretences, fraud or circumventing tied conditions.

Prevent Tax Fraud
Bobe brings businesses to refrain from hiding sales to evade tax payments.

Our applications are designed to trace any user action in the flow of money.


Umbrella Tool
Bobe’s entire digital ecosystem is designed to enable fiscal measures. In contrast to common fiscal policy tools, the goal is to enhance transparency, oversight, insight and efficiency.

Response Time
The agility provided with our apps empower quick strategic adaptions to new economic or social circumstances.

Advanced algorithm delivers clear data insight to measure KPIs at various levels.

Segregation of Power & Cost
Bobe applications enable that multiple sponsors can fund a common purpose independently by ensuring clear segregation.

The cost and complexity of ordinary fiscal policies can be saved as Bobe applications are designed to work without the usual overhead of tax consultants, lawyers and unnecessary paperwork.


Intended Use of Money
Giving merely cash to businesses or people means giving influence about the flow of money out of hand. Bobe enables non-cash benefits to achieve the desired purpose.

The Unbanked
Our application can be used as an alternative financial service for millions of people who do not have the right to open a bank account for various reasons. It provides those in need with funds outside the traditional banking system to pay for defined goods and services.

Local needs
Bobe applications enable measures to target precisely the needs in your local area.

Various features ensure a nearly 100% accuracy in reaching the target group.


With Bobe applications donors can ensure that grants are only awarded to companies that align their goods and services with sustainability and carbon neutrality.

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